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Providing quality back-of-the-book indexes for publications of all kinds


A quality index can make a difference in how extensively a book is used and even whether or not it is purchased. 

About Me



Sole proprietor of Lee Indexing, providing quality indexes for publications of all kinds.

Order Entry Clerk for Blackwell Book Services (North America), specializing in ordering US and international book series, managing customer orders, and project management.  Significant projects included the organization and transfer of all customer orders to Baker & Taylor and assisting in developing new policies and procedures.


American Society for Indexing (ASI)
Pacific Northwest Chapter, American Society for Indexing
ASI History/Archaeology Indexing Special Interest Group


Philosophy, Science and Religion for Everyone
Duncan Pritchard & Mark Harris

Routledge, 2017

Development and Gender Capital in India: Change, Continuity and Conflict in Kerala (Routledge Research on Asian Development)

Shoba Arun

Routledge, 2017

Chopin in Britain

Peter Willis

Routledge, 2017

Surveillance and the Law: Language, Power and Privacy

Maria Helen Murphy

Routledge, 2018



Rates for projects are typically provided as an amount per page with the rate dependent on the nature of your project. I understand that tight deadlines are commonplace in the publishing industry; I work diligently to submit completed work on time or early.  Please contact me at your convenience to discuss your project.

Lee Indexing

P.O. Box 2622, Oregon City, OR 97045

(702) 328-8775